Best acoustic-electric mandolin for the money

Best CHEAP acoustic-electric mandolin

Would you like to be in a musical band and are wondering which musical instrument you can play? If yes, you should consider playing the mandolin. The mandolin comes in different forms, including acoustic, electric, and acoustic-electric. An acoustic-electric mandolin contains built-in internal pickups. This type offers subtle amplification and classic acoustic sound. Finding the … Read more

Best mandolin under $500 in 2022

Reviews of the Best mandolin

Not every mandolin comes at a high price tag. It is possible to get an affordable one that delivers great sound quality. This is a small instrument that has a similar resemblance to a guitar. The mandolin contains eight strings and is part of the Lute family. The best mandolin under $500 in 2022 will … Read more

Best F Style Mandolin

Best F Style Mandolin

Florentine or the F style mandolins spots a classic and sophisticated design; it is characteristic of an ornamental scroll in the area close to the neck and the headstock.  In the world of mandolins, there are only two distinct types, and which are the classical and the Bluegrass. Therefore, the F-style mandolin fits under the … Read more