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Mandolins like most musical instruments are known to be therapeutic as they enable one to cope while playing their favorite tunes. Additionally, the mandolin helps beginner musicians to express their creativity. The age-old instrument has surprisingly stood the test of time and has subtly wormed its way into modern music, where it is used to produce a distinct and emotional sound.

The Mandolin is currently incorporated in different types of music and has even been found to add a special tone to rock music. When compared to the guitar most musicians do agree that the mandolin is a great way for one to start their music career because it is one of the musical instruments that are especially easy to learn. The instrument has been established to play both rhythm and melody and which means that the learning scope is wide.

Besides, Mandolins are light in weight and are also compact thus easy to move around with, playing the instrument is easy but before anyone can master it, they must prepare to commit their time and effort. At Mandolin Expert we seek to provide you with useful and comprehensive information about mandolins, to which end we have consolidated information touching on the various aspects of the musical instrument.

Mandolin musical instruments are available in varieties but if you search the music industry, you will find that there are only three types of mandolin that are commonly used. The first one being the round-backed mandolin commonly used to play European traditional and classical music. We then have the Archtop mandolin that is popularly used to play bluegrass music and American folk music. Lastly, we have the flat-backed Mandolin and which is commonly used by the Brazilians, the Irish, and the British in playing folk music.

Mandolins also come in different styles, the A style is characteristic plain but with a pear-shaped body, and it does not have any points. We then have the F-style that is characteristic of an ornamental scroll in the headstock and close to the neck. It also has two points at the lower part of the instrument.

The style of the Mandolins has little to do with their functionality and tone produced, meaning that you cannot use style as a criterion when shopping for a Mandolin. But you can certainly consider the material used to make the Mandolin and the design of the musical instrument. A good and reliable mandolin should, therefore, have a soundboard that has been hand carved from pieces of spruce. More information about the best types of Mandolin can be sourced from Mandolin Expert.