SAVANNAH SF-100 review

Do you need a unique musical instrument that you can use to play old-time music? If yes, you should consider getting a mandolin. One of the popular options that most musicians choose is SAVANNAH SF-100.

This is a light and compact instrument that you can play from anywhere. Therefore, you have a chance to practice playing the mandolin from different locations and boost your skills in it. Furthermore, compared to other musical instruments, the SAVANNAH SF-100 has fewer strings. They, therefore, make reading tablature easy. Here is more!

SAVANNAH SF-100 review and breakdown

Most musicians choose this mandolin since it is well built and comes at a pocket-friendly price. Though this mandolin comes at a low cost, it performs better than other mandolins in its class. SAVANNAH SF-100 not only looks good but also produces a fantastic sound.

This is a beginner-friendly mandolin that does not require a complicated setup. Though it does not come completely set up, you can get good instructions online to help you with the setup. According to most users, it also feels well-balanced. You can enjoy playing the SAVANNAH SF-100 mandolin since it projects well. It delivers darker and sharper tones.

Apart from that, it is equipped with excellent features that make it a high-performing mandolin. Some of them include the Ebony Bridge and inlaid headstock. The company behind it also offers a 2-year warranty for this mandolin. As part of the package, you will get a good case to store the mandolin. This not only makes the mandolin easy to transport but also offers lots of protection.

What we liked

  • It comes with a case
  • Excellent tone
  • Easy to set up
  • It is beginner-friendly
  • The mandolin has an elegant design

What we didn’t like

  • Its strings are not of the best quality


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SAVANNAH SF-100 specifications

Dimensions 14 x 31 x 7 inches
Top material Spruce
Back Material Maple
Fingerboard Extended 24 Fret
No. of strings 8
Body style F style
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SAVANNAH SF-100 features


SAVANNAH SF-100 stands out among other mandolins due to its superb construction. It comes with a spruce top that enables it to deliver high volume and clear sounds. Since the back and its sides are made from maple, they enhance durability. This is a great material to use in constructing a mandolin since it is strong and dense. You can depend on this mandolin for a long time without the need to replace some of its major parts. The maple material is also known for producing high definition tones and excellent projection.

Apart from that, the mandolin contains a neck that extends from the headstock to the rest of the body. Though SAVANNAH SF-100 has a smaller neck than other mandolins, this is still good for learning the basics. It also features an inlaid headstock to which the tuning pegs are mounted.


Like other mandolins, SAVANNAH SF-100 comes with eight nickel-coated strings. Some users wish it came with better quality strings. Since this mandolin has a low string height, it offers a comfortable playing experience without tearing up your fingers.


This represents the part that is glued to the neck of the mandolin. The extended 24 Fret fingerboard of this mandolin allows you to widen your playing options. When you press the strings of this mandolin onto the frets, it will produce notes based on the frets’ positions. Instead of equipping this mandolin with a maple fretboard, the manufacturer designs it with better hardwood, making it long-lasting.


It also comes with great gold plank tuners along with the tailpiece and Ebony Bridge. The tuners give you a chance to customize your tunes according to your preferences. These are the geared mechanisms that are designed to hold the strings. On the other hand, the bridge of this mandolin is responsible for transferring the strings’ vibration to the top part. Therefore, you should also consider making some small adjustments to the bridge to enhance the intonation. Apart from that, this mandolin also contains a tailpiece that offers an anchor for the strings.


SAVANNAH SF-100 is an F-style mandolin that looks and feels great. It has a magnificent tone and is extremely loud.

Who is it best suited for?

If you have never played the mandolin before, SAVANNAH SF-100 is an ideal fit. It is designed to be a beginner-friendly mandolin that you can grow with. You can even use it to teach new students how to play the mandolin.

Are there alternatives to SAVANNAH SF-100?

Yes. If you feel that SAVANNAH SF-100 is not an ideal mandolin to fulfill your needs, you should check its alternatives. Some of them include Janerock Acoustic, Vangoa Mandolin, and Eastman MD515 Mandolin. While some of the features in these alternatives are similar, they have certain distinguishing features.

The features of these alternatives

Name Janerock Acoustic Vangoa Mandolin Eastman MD515
Body style A-style A-style F-style
Top Material Basswood Mahogany Maple
String material Alloy steel Coated steel Alloy steel
Gog back Present Present Present
Weight 3.74 pounds 4.24 pounds 6.45 pounds
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Verdict: So, should you buy SAVANNAH SF-100?

Yes. This is an inexpensive mandolin that meets the expectations of many musicians. It is worth considering since it is not only well made but also quite playable. It comes with an easy setup and is equipped with all the right features that enhance sound production. You will also like how this mandolin looks. SAVANNAH SF-100 mandolin can give you value for your money.


Can I replace the strings?

Yes. Since this mandolin does not come with the best quality strings, you should consider replacing them after some time.

What is the fretboard of the SAVANNAH SF-100 mandolin made with?

This mandolin features a rosewood fretboard which is a hardwood that has a very smooth surface. The material also enhances the durability of this mandolin and enables it to deliver warm, rich tones.

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