Savannah Sa-100 Mandolin Review

The type of wood used in the making of your mandolin is primary to achieving specific tones. The Savannah Sa-100 is made of white wood both at the back and top and is, therefore, capable of producing high-definition tones with almost zero projection. 

The soundboard of a mandolin is its most important part because it produces the tones needed to make music. Mandolins are usually made of either solid or laminate wood, solid wood is the best because it enhances the tonal qualities and enables a good sustain. Laminate wood, on the other hand, does not vibrate thus it does not offer good sound or volume. Mandolins made of laminate feature a single piece of wood and that is why they retail cheaply and are not reliable in terms of volume. 

The Savannah Sa-100 is made of white maple wood and which works perfectly for both the back and the top of the mandolin. Individuals seeking to produce the traditional mandolin sound can therefore use the Savannah Sa-100. Other features of the Savannah Sa-100 mandolin have been conclusively discussed below. 

Savannah Sa-100-Breakdown and Review 

The Savanna Sa-100 is a pretty small mandolin measuring 28 x 13.5 x 4 inches and weighs about 2.77 pounds, making it highly portable. Playing the instrument is not exactly easy because the frets are pretty small and working with the double strings also requires extensive training. However, the tuning of the Savannah Sa-100 is not any different than that of a violin. 

So some of the notes that you will find are a high “e” and an “a,” you will also get a “d” and a “g.” The instrument has up to 8 strings each of which is doubled, and which by extension means that each of the notes is doubled. To exploit the mandolin’s full potential you can either pluck it up or down or pluck both strings at once, it just depends on the tones that you want to produce.

The Savannah Sa-100 mandolin has all its parts made of white wood that is the sides, back, and top. The neck is made of maple and the fingerboard and bridge are both made of rosewood. The bridge is a compensating adjustable and comes equipped with two wheels one on each side that enables seamless customization. 

And just like the standard mandolin, the savannah is equipped with eight tuners and has an aesthetically pleasing sand burst finish throughout. You will also notice that the instrument does not have the fret markers on the side but on the fingerboard. The top part of the mandolin features beautiful violin-like sound holes. And at the far end of the soundboard, the mandolin has been equipped with a strap button. The savannah Sa-100 allows players to install the remaining strap button at the location that suits them, and which can be installed at the end of the neck or behind the soundboard. 

What we liked; 

  • The mandolin is sturdily built 
  • Offers good value for money 
  • Frets have been decently placed 
  • Offers a bright tone

What we didn’t like;

  • Does not have an adjustable truss road
  • Comes with only one strap button

Savannah Sa-100 Mandolin Specifications 

Model  Savannah Sa-100 mandolin
Top material type  Whitewood
Back material type  Whitewood
Number of strings  8
Item dimensions  28 x 13.5 x 4 inches
Color  Sunburst
Item Weight  2.77
Body material  Wood 
Fretboard material  Rosewood
Action  Check Price Here 

Savannah Sa-100 Features 

Adjustable compensated bridge

Some mandolins in the market are made with non-adjustable bridges, so for the player to lower the strings, the bridge must be sanded. But the Savannah Sa-100 comes equipped with a compensated bridge, meaning that the crown where the string’s contact has been shaped enables the tweaking of the length of the string consequently allowing the player to play in tune, up and down the neck. 

12th Fret Neck joint

The 12th fret is the position where the neck meets the guitar body. The advantage of the 12th fret neck joint is that the bridge is placed further from the soundhole, but closer to the lower bout. The above then allows it to sit in a more flexible position on the top consequently offering more sustain on smaller bodies. 12th fret guitars are usually easy and comfortable to play especially for beginners, simply because their fretting hand does not have to extend very far to reach the open position. 

Hard Maple Neck

Maple necks are not a specialty for everyone, however, they are the best for players who are out for a brighter and zestier tone, complete with a greater sustain. Maple neck doesn’t however feel natural because of the finish that is usually applied to discourage warping. For most players, this finish doesn’t offer a natural feel when compared to the ebony and rosewood fretboards. 

Who is it best suited for? 

The Savannah Sa-100 is best suited for use by individuals who are more into classical and traditional music. Or better yet the old folk songs. This mandolin is fairly small in size and given the features, it will be best utilized by beginner players. 

Are there alternatives to the Savannah Sa-100? 

Yes, there are alternatives to the Savannah Sa-100 that offer almost the same performance. So, in the absence of the Savannah Sa-100, you can use the Janerock A-Style Acoustic mandolin, the Donner A-Style mandolin instrument, and the Vangoa A style mandolin musical

Features of alternative Savannah Sa-100 mandolin 

Model  Janerock A style Acoustic Mandolin Donner A Style Mandolin Instrument Vangoa A-Style Mandolin Musical
Top material  Basswood Mahogany Basswood
String material type  Alloy Steel N/A Alloy steel
Body material  Combined laminated  & Solid wood Mahogany Basswood
Item Weight  3.74 3.53 pounds 3 pounds
Operation mode  Acoustic N/A N/A
Action  Check Price Here Check Price Here Check Price Here

Verdict; so, should you buy the Savannah Sa-100 Mandolin? 

Yes, you should buy the Savannah Sa-100 mandolin because it is the perfect instrument to use for learning and which you can grow with. You can also play it for fun without necessarily having to upgrade. 


Can I improve the sound quality of my Savannah Sa-100 Mandolin?

Yes, you can improve the sound quality of your Savannah Sa-100 Mandolin by adjusting the bridge and tuning the nuts. 

What type of strings does the Savannah Sa-100 Mandolin have?  

The Savannah Sa-100 Mandolin is equipped with standard strings. 

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