Rogue RM 100A Mandolin Review

Have you been looking for a mandolin but are working with a low budget? One of the options that you have is Rogue RM 100A Mandolin.

I have always loved musical instruments since I was 12. By the time I was 16 years old, I had mastered playing the guitar. When I joined college, I was considering joining a musical band but did not know which instrument to play since it already had a guitarist. I decided to learn how to play the mandolin to create unique music. Since I did not have a lot of cash, I only focused on cheap mandolins. Here is everything I learned regarding the Rogue RM 100A Mandolin.

Rogue RM 100A Mandolin breakdown and review

This is an A-style mandolin that any new player can use. The neck is made using maple, while the fingerboard is made using rosewood. The manufacturer of this mandolin also uses a glossy finish in its making. The F-hole also enhances the appearance of this mandolin.

Besides the construction, this mandolin comes with an adjustable rosewood bridge that makes learning easy. It also includes components such as nickel-plated frets and chrome tuners. For an inexperienced player, this mandolin sounds okay. Since this model comes with poor quality strings, you should consider getting better ones as soon as you buy it.

Note that this mandolin does not feature a truss rod. This means that if its neck warps, you may not be able to play it. It also lacks most accessories that premium models come with, such as a carry bag and pickguard.

Though this is not a perfect mandolin, it comes at a low cost to help you save some funds. You can also enjoy the 30-day money-back policy if you buy it online. This means that you get time to test the mandolin and decide whether it is right for you. If not, you can always return it within the set period and get back your funds.

What we liked

  • It is cheap
  • The mandolin is easy to learn
  • It is simple to set up

What we didn’t like

  • Poor quality strings
  • It is fragile


Rogue RM 100A Mandolin specifications

Materials Maple and rosewood
Design A-style
Finish High gloss
Tuners Chrome
Bridge Adjustable rosewood
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Rogue RM 100A Mandolin features


This musical instrument is not the most durable model available in the market. This is because it is laminated and is made from plywood. It comes with a maple neck that is easy to play. It is also equipped with a well-polished rosewood fingerboard.

Though cheap, this mandolin looks quite elegant due to the addition of a high gloss finish on it. Note that it may start chipping after some time. Most customers are impressed by the color of this mandolin since it gives it a professional look.

Sound and tone

Due to the type of wood used to make this mandolin, it does not sound that great. The laminate has a negative impact on the tone quality of this mandolin. It, however, has a pleasant volume.

Tuners and strings

Rogue RM 100A comes with chrome tuners that are designed to hold the strings. These hold the strings well. Since the tuners of this mandolin are serviceable, they stay in tune. This model does not come with the best strings, considering the price.

The strings negatively affect the sound that it produces. If you invest in this musical instrument, consider getting better strings. You can either change the strings by yourself or get help from a custom shop. Changing the strings of this mandolin can enhance the tone.


Rogue RM 100A is an A-style mandolin. The design makes it suitable for inexperienced players looking to learn how to play this musical instrument. This design also makes the mandolin cheaper but less superior to F-style mandolins.


Since this is a low-priced mandolin, it comes with basic hardware. This simple mandolin features an adjustable rosewood bridge that makes it easy to learn.

Who is it best suited for?

Rogue RM 100A is best suited for a person who wants to play the mandolin for the first time. This can help you train and learn how to play the musical instrument. It is also ideal for someone on a budget looking to buy a mandolin for the first time. Before buying this mandolin, you can play it from the store to test if you like it.

Are there alternatives to Rogue RM 100A Mandolin?

Yes. If you feel that this mandolin is not a suitable choice, you should focus on its alternatives. Some of them include Savannah SA-100, Hola HM3TS, and Vangoa mandolin. Comparing the features of these mandolins against those of Rogue RM 100A is important before choosing one.

Features of alternatives mandolins

Name Savannah SA-100 Hola HM3TS Vangoa
Design A-style A-style A style
Material Maple Maple, Rosewood Basswood and Mahogany
Bridge Adjustable compensated Adjustable compensated Adjustable
Weight 2.7 pounds 2 pounds 3 pounds
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Verdict: So should you buy Rogue RM 100A Mandolin?

If you are new to mandolins, you can consider this model. It is easy to play and comes in an elegant look. You should avoid it if you have experience with mandolins since it is not of the best quality. Though cheap, this mandolin has flaws. For instance, it comes with poor quality strings and does not have the best tone. Consider paying a little more to get a better mandolin.


Does Rogue RM 100A come with a case?

No. This cheap mandolin does not come with a case. You have to buy this separately if you want to play the musical instrument on the go.

What should I know before purchasing my first mandolin?

Get an A-style mandolin and ensure that it comes set up. You should also choose one that features F-holes since it will be easier to learn and replace the strings.

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