Rogue RM-100A A-Style Mandolin Review

Rogue mandolins are known for their impeccable sounds that get better with continued use. They also tend to have a longer shelf life, their workmanship is clean and which obliterates warping issues. 

The Rogue RM-100 mandolin in particular is known to project a bright tone with lots of bark and the design of the neck makes playing the mandolin especially easy. The Rogue RM-100A is however not a professional unit but a good beginner mandolin and can suffice for playing bluegrass among other genres of music. The markets are saturated with mandolins but when it comes to the best mandolins that retail at a budget friendly price then the Rogue mandolins top the list. 

From the brand you will be able to find the beginner, intermediate and professional mandolins. Today, however, we will be looking at the beginner mandolin, the Rogue RM-100 A style. We seek to find out whether it lives up to standards by tearing into its features, read on. 

Rogue RM-100A A Style-Review and Breakdown

The Rogue RM-100A is a traditional mandolin that allows first-time bluegrass players to explore the tones of the mandolin but on a budget. The RM-100A features a glossy finish combined with white binding, features that enhance its overall aesthetics. The neck of the RM-100A is made of maple and which has been made complete with an adjustable compensated bridge. 

The RM-100A has been established to project some rather bright tones with lots of bark. The mandolin has been equipped with chrome tuning machines and nickel-plated frets that have been made complete with decorative f-holes. So, apart from retailing at a budget-friendly price, the mandolin is also light in weight enabling new players to engage in longer sessions without being fatigued with the weight of the mandolin. 

The RM-100A also comes with a carry case, but which must be purchased separately. The case is necessary as it will protect your mandolin from the effects of the external environment such as the wet weather that might lead to the development of rust on the strings. The casing will facilitate easy transportation of the mandolin when going for training or for training gigs with your friends. 

What we liked

  • The mandolin is durably built 
  • It is light in weight thus easy to handle 
  • The best mandolin for beginners 
  • The mandolin is sturdy and cheap

What we didn’t like 

  • The RM-100A requires constant tuning 
  • The mandolin has a short shelf life 

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Rogue RM-100A Specifications 

Model  Rogue RM-100A
Back Material  Maple
Top Material  Rosewood, Maple
Neck material  Maple
Tuning machines material Chrome
Weight  2.85 pounds
Brand  Rogue
Action  Check Price Here

Rogue RM-100A-Features 

Maple back material

The reason why some musical instruments use maple in their construction is because it is a hard type of wood and with exceptional tonal qualities. Maple has also been established to offer a good sustain while producing some very bright sounds. On mandolins, maple is used for the construction of the back and side, but in our case, it has been incorporated on the back, and users can expect to be furnished with high-definition tones. 

Rosewood, maple top material

One of the most common materials used in the making of the chamber of a mandolin is the Honduran rosewood. Manufacturers love it because it has great acoustic properties, and boasts of an excellent tap tone. For the top material in the RM-100A, the top material has incorporated both the maple and rosewood a combination that can only lead to the production of excellent beginner tones. 

Maple Neck

Maple as established in this article is a good material for the construction of the back and sides of a mandolin but due to its dense and strong characteristics, it has also been used in the construction of the RM’s -100A neck and which consequently contributes in the production of the high definition tones. 

Lightweight design

As a beginner mandolin player the RM-100A from rogue has achieved the perfect balance between price and functionality. This unit retails cheaply and it is additionally light in weight at 2.85 pounds. A feature that makes it easy for beginner players to prolong their practice sessions. 

Who is it best suited for? 

The Rouge RM-100A is best suited for use by individuals who are still figuring out how to produce the best bluegrass tunes. The RM-100A is also a good mandolin for use by the intermediate instrumentalist as they plan to transition to bigger and better mandolins. 

Are there alternatives to the Rogue RM-100A? 

Yes, there are alternatives to the Rogue RM-100A such as the Mandolin A style Acoustic-Electric mandolin instrument, the Donner A-Style Mandolin instrument, and the Ibanez M510DVS mandolin. Notable is that the alternatives to the RM-100A have used mahogany which has been found to be light in weight and sturdy. What’s more is that mahogany offers a warm and translucent high frequency, features that makes these mandolins a good beginner unit just like the RM-100A. 

Model  Mandolin A-Style Acoustic-Electric Mandolins Instrument Donner A Style Mandolin Instrument  Ibanez M510DVS Mandolin, Dark Violin Sunburst
String material  Stainless steel N/A N/A
Top Material  Mahogany Mahogany Mahogany, Spruce
Back material  Mahogany Mahogany Mahogany, Spruce wood
Finish type  Varnish Glossy Matte 
Color  Red burst Black Dark violin sunburst
Item Weight  3 pounds 3.89 pounds 2.5 pounds
Action  Check Price Here Check Price Here  Check Price Here 

Verdict: So, should you buy the Rogue RM-100A A-Style Mandolin? 

Yes, you should buy the Rogue RM-100A A-Style mandolin because it retails at a fair price, it is durably built and the materials used in its construction enable it to produce the perfect bluegrass sounds. The RM-100A A-Style mandolin is specially configured for use by the beginner players given its lightweight and the attention to detail of the sound production features. 


Does the Rogue RM-100A A-style come with a carry case? 

Yes, the Rogue RM-100A A-Style mandolin comes with a carry case but you will have to purchase it separately from the unit.  

Where is the Rogue RM-100A A-Style mandolin manufactured? 

The RM-100A A-Style mandolin is manufactured in China. 

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