Dean Tennessee Acoustic-electric Mandolin Review

Do you need an acoustic-electric mandolin that you can use in gigs? If yes, you should check out Dean Tennessee.

I was looking for a gift that I could give my husband during his birthday. Since he has always loved playing musical instruments, I wanted to get him a mandolin that he could play in his band. I came across the Dean Tennessee acoustic-electric mandolin and was considering buying it for him. This is everything I learned regarding the mandolin before purchase.

Dean Tennessee Acoustic-electric Mandolin breakdown and review

This acoustic-electric mandolin can help you create a unique sound. It is different from regular electric mandolin since its bridge is mounted with a single coil pickup. The pickup is designed to covert the strings’ vibrations into electrical impulses. This is, therefore, a hybrid of an electric and acoustic mandolin.

Dean Tennessee is a solidly built acoustic-electric mandolin that is made using traditional materials such as spruce, mahogany, and maple. Such materials make it a durable model and enable it to deliver great sound. Besides that, it features a vintage sunburst finish, giving it an elegant look. It also has a maple neck and pearl dot inlays.

This mandolin comes with a rosewood fingerboard, chrome hardware, and Grover tuners. It is an A-style acoustic-electric mandolin that is easy to learn. Such features make it a valuable acoustic-electric mandolin. Since it comes at an affordable cost, it can also help you save some funds that you can use to buy accessories.

The manufacturer even offers a five-year warranty for this model. This long-term warranty can give you peace of mind since you can get it replaced if you receive a defective mandolin. If you choose this model, you have to buy a case separately since it does come with one.

What we liked

  • It is affordable
  • This mandolin is easy to set up
  • It offers room for learning
  • It delivers crisp sound and has a lovely tone

What we didn’t like

  • It is fragile


Dean Tennessee Mandolin specifications

Materials Spruce, Mahogany, and Maple
Fingerboard Rosewood
Style A-style
Pickup Single coil
Finish Vintage Sunburst
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Dean Tennessee Acoustic-electric Mandolin features


You should pay attention to the body of an acoustic-electric mandolin before paying for it. This is the part where the sound is produced. The body of Dean Tennessee is made using maple, which is a high-quality material that is strong and dense.

The Maple material is used on the back and sides of this acoustic-electric mandolin. This material enables the mandolin to deliver high-definition tones.  The top part of the mandolin is, however, made from spruce. This is a dense grain that leads to a bright response. Besides spruce, mahogany is also used to make the top of this mandolin.

The manufacturer also uses celluloid binding in the body of this acoustic-electric mandolin. When it comes to the finish, it contains vintage sunburst. This is a popular type of finish that is often used in most mandolins.


This acoustic-electric mandolin also contains a neck that extends from the body and has strings running upward. Like the body, the neck of this model is made from maple. The neck offers room for the strings to be stretched to create tension.

This mandolin also features a rosewood fingerboard which has a smooth surface and allows fast-fingered fretting. This is the thin hardwood piece that is attached to the neck to hold the frets.

You will also notice pearl dot inlays on the neck of this mandolin. These give the mandolin a modern look and guide you as you play the musical instrument.


This is an A-style acoustic-electric mandolin that is easy to play. Even if you don’t have experience playing such musical instruments, you will not take long to learn the Dean Tennessee mandolin since it is designed to be beginner-friendly.


You should also pay attention to the hardware of an acoustic-electric mandolin before paying for one. Since Dean Tennessee features chrome hardware, it can resist corrosion. The hardware of this acoustic-electric mandolin is made up of Grover tuners. According to most players, this acoustic-electric mandolin is easy to get in tune.


You can either play this musical instrument acoustically or through the available pickup. The inclusion of a single coil pickup is what makes this model an acoustic-electric mandolin.

This feature allows amplification. The pickup also contains tone and volume controls that you can use when playing the mandolin. Most players reveal that the pickup works well.

Who is it best suited for?

Dean Tennessee is suitable for beginners looking to learn how to play an acoustic-electric mandolin. It is also ideal for players on a budget. You can use it to play folk and bluegrass music.

Are there alternatives to Dean Tennessee Acoustic-electric Mandolin?

Yes. If you feel that this is not the right acoustic-electric mandolin for you, you should check out its alternatives. Some of them include Ibanez M510EDVS, Stagg M50 E BLK, and Vangoa.

Features of alternative acoustic-electric mandolins

Name Ibanez M510EDVS Stagg M50 E BLK Vangoa
Style A-style A-style A-style
Materials Spruce and Mahogany Nato wood, Rosewood Mahogany
Pickup Single Magnetic Single coil Magnetic
Weight 9 pounds 3.15 pounds 3 pounds
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Verdict: So, should you buy Dean Tennessee Acoustic-electric Mandolin?

Yes. This is worth buying since it resonates beautifully and delivers a great tone. It is a versatile mandolin that can be played acoustically or plugged. It has numerous features that enhance the playing experience and feels good on the hands. The low cost and extended warranty are also impressive.


What kind of strings does Dean Tennessee come with?

Unfortunately, this acoustic-electric mandolin comes with poor-quality strings. You can change this and make it sound better.

Does Dean Tennessee come with an installed bridge?

Yes. Though the bridge of this acoustic-electric mandolin comes installed, you should adjust it before you begin playing it.

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